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“In partnership with the home, parish and community we nurture the development of the whole child”

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General Information

Parent Handbook

View a copy of our 3 Year Old Parent Handbook

View a copy of our Parent Handbook

Lost Property

Items of clothing left around the school are taken to the office. Students and parents are encouraged to come in and look for lost jumpers, hats, etc. At the end of each term any unclaimed, un-named, items will be placed with secondhand uniforms for resale.

The following are additional rules evolved in the interests of good taste, the safety of the student and of property.


  1. No necklaces, bangles, brooches or rings. Any of these items of jewellery worn to school will be confiscated and kept for the remainder of the term. Only one pair of stud earings or sleepers is permissible.
  2. Hair should be worn off the face. No hair colours. Shoulder length must be tied back. This applies to both boys and girls. Ribbons/hair ties must be white, maroon or blue.
  3. Make-up and nail varnish is out place with school uniform and students will be required to remove these.

Radios, CD or MP3 players must not be brought to school. These will be confiscated and kept in the school office until the end of term or until collected by a parent.

Trading cards must not be brought to school. These will be immediately confiscated and will remain in the school office until end of term.

School Requisites

Individual Student Requirements lists are sent home with students in fourth term. Orders are pre-paid to OfficeMax. Orders are returned to the school office and then sent to Perth for processing. OfficeMax also offer Internet Ordering.

Visits By Parents

Parents are welcome at any time. Those parents wishing to speak with a teacher should contact the teacher or the office to arrange an appointment. The Principal is available during school hours. Please ring the office for an appointment

Reporting to Parents

Incidentally -

  1. At varying times work will be sent home from school.
  2. Parents are invited to discuss problems with teacher, Head of Middle or Primary School and/or Principal at any time during the year. Please make an appointment.
  3. Written reports will be distributed twice annually for Primary and Secondary. Primary School have Portfolios and 3 Way Conferences in Term 2 and written Reports in Terms 2 and 4. Middle School students will receive an Interim Report at the end of Term 1 and written Report Semester One and Semester Two. Reports will be posted home.


Prompt arrival at school and punctual attendance at lessons is a courtesy staff and children owe to each other. It helps to maximise the effective use of school time and forms good habits for later life.

School Hours:
Middle School - 8.15am to 2.35pm
Primary School - 8.20am - 2.35pm

Students may only arrive at school after 8am unless they have a music lesson. Teachers are not on duty before 8am. Any issues pertaining to this need to be discussed with the principal.


It is important to advise the school of any absence. Procedures for notifying the school of a student absence:

Absence from School

  1. Phone the school office the morning of the absence so that teachers may by notified.
  2. Send a note explaining the absence to the classroom teacher/advocate on the child's return to school.

Absence During the School Day

  1. Parents of students leaving the school premises during school hours must sign their child/children out. The Sign In/Out books is in the Administration Office.
  2. Students with appointments must report to the Administration Office with the appointment slip before they leave and sign at the office when they return.

Late Arrival to School

  1. Students who arrive late to school must sign in and provide a note of explanation from parents.

Conduct on School Grounds and in Public

Students should conduct themselves appropriately in public at all times. They should be courteous to all those around them. Students should use the school property with respect and keep classrooms and playgrounds tidy.

They must remember that every employee and student of the school is to be treated with respect and courtesy. Failure to do so will result in a consequence.


Bicycles must not be ridden on the school grounds. They must be placed in the bike racks provided. Students must wear bicycle helmets when riding to and from school. Students without a bicycle helmet will not be permitted to ride their bike home. Parents will be contacted by Head of Middle/Primary School so alternative arrangements can be made for the child to go home. Their bike will be locked away overnight if necessary.

Personal Property

Please print clearly your Child's Name on all items brought to school, i.e. hats, jumpers, shirts, shoes, bags, books, etc. Students must not leave money in desks or bags. It must be handed to the class teacher on arrival in class.


Primary - Regularly throughout the term on a Friday at 2pm
Middle School - Intermittently throughout the term

School-Parent Communication

School Newsletters are sent home by email fortnightly on a Wednesday. Newsletters contain important content and future information on school events and happenings.

Staff Meetings

Staff meetings are held on Wednesday for Primary and Middle School staff. Full staff meetings are held once a month. These will commence promptly at 2.45pm. Parents are asked to ensure that all non-bus students have been collected by this time.

Sport/ Phys Ed

All primary classes have two sport lessons per week. Middle School students have 2 hours. Classes will be advised of their sports day and the children will wear their sports uniform on this day.

Interschool Swimming and Athletic Carnivals are held during the year. All Students must have their hat and own drink bottle for sport and Phys Ed activities.