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“In partnership with the home, parish and community we nurture the development of the whole child”

St Mary Star of the Sea
Johnston Street
Carnarvon WA 6701

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Mission, Vision and Values

Our Vision

We, at St Mary's Carnarvon, are a Catholic community dedicated to providing a quality education based on the teachings of Jesus.

In partnership with the home, parish and community we nurture the development of the whole child.

Our Mission

St Mary's is called to deliver a unique education that is based on each student achieving their potential.

Inspired by the compassion shown by Nano Nagle and the Presentation Sisters, St Mary's will encourage our young people to contribute to the development of the kind of world envisaged by Christ.

Our Organisational Values

These values represent how our students, staff and parents work together to create the community God calls us to be. These values form the past, present and future foundations upon which our school is built.

Faith Development - A place where everybody is supported in developing their faith with a loving God and where our Catholic School proclaims the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Accountability - Encourage each other to become responsible for our actions, treat other ethically, and undertake our duty with dedication and respect for our School and individual roles.

Innovation - To create an environment where individual students and staff are empowered to widen their range of interests and extend their own abilities.

Leadership - Fairness and openness in the treatment of each other, a willingness to participate while setting challenging goals which encourage us to excel.

Open Communication - Honest, regular, open and reciprocal communication while showing empathy and respect for the views of the individual.

Recognising Valued Behaviour and Achievements - Innovation, achievement and dedication will be encouraged and recognised.

Respect and Concern for Others - We treat others with justice, act with fairness and honesty, be ethical, involve people, listen and respond, display confidence in others and embrace diversity.

Team Work - The Culture and opportunities for harmony and synergy in the School community where, through common effort, there is cooperation between students, staff and parents.